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For generations, Waterman Industries of Florida, Inc. has produced quality commercial fishing equipment targeting independent fishing fleets. At Waterman Industries, we stand for unmatched craftsmanship in every product produced.

Bottom Reels
Product Features:

Our sturdy, reliable, and durable manual reel can be easily converted to an electric reel if your needs change. Constructed from aluminum and stainless steel, with a choice of high impact plastic or aluminum reel, the Waterman bottom reels are durable and designed for the harsh marine environment.
Retrieval Rates:

  • The spool will take up 2 ft per rotation (approx.) with an empty spool, and when full of line they will take up (approx.) 3 ft of line per rotation.

  • Waterman produces electric, hydraulic, gear box and manual bottom reels with your choice of three different sized spools.