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For generations, Waterman Industries of Florida, Inc. has produced quality commercial fishing equipment targeting independent fishing fleets. At Waterman Industries, we stand for unmatched craftsmanship in every product produced.

About Us

Waterman Industries of Florida, Inc. is a family-owned, US-based manufacturer located in Odessa, Florida. This enterprise was owned by an uncle, prior to the Lundy family’s acquisition of the company. Leonard Lundy worked with his uncle for a decade before taking over and renaming the company to Waterman Industries. His wife and sons are now active in the business and and the great tradition of training the new generation has begun. From uncle to nephew, then from father to sons, an unwavering commitment to quality is what the many customers of Waterman Industries count on. Continued success is based on the reputation that Waterman Industries has with the many captains and crews that use their products.

Our commitment to honor the reputation for quality is what drives our decisions on a daily basis. Our manufacturing facility in Odessa is a true American success story. Currently, we are utilizing computer-aided CNC machines to ensure the maximum amount of precision, quality, and efficiency. After each piece is precision-made, we hand-assemble each of our products. All of our produces are customized to the unique need of the individual using them. We match the correct motor and gearbox to ensure that each of our products performs to the customer’s specifications. All products are made from non-corrosive stainless steel and aluminum able to stand up to years of rigorous use in one of the world’s most demanding environments.

Have confidence that when you order a Waterman Industries product, you are going to receive the best product available with a proud American family standing behind its quality.